Second Day

Here comes the second day. Since we had a very fruitful yet tiring, day one (though our will power was still on the go), we decided to start our day slowly. So, the three of us moved out of the house after mid-day towards the Orchard road following the same trail to the Royal Thai Embassy. You all might be wondering, "Why they are going to the Thai Embassy again and again?" Well, here is the answer. In order to enter back to Thailand, I needed a visa (the existing one was due to expire) so, that's what we were doing, making one. Had applied yesterday and today was the collection time. This was the main part of the trip and having done everything successfully, we were more than happy to unlock more beautiful places.

Back towards the MRT station. Now that my mind was completely free, I saw things that I had missed the day before. People there walk very fast, I mean they don't even talk to anyone. It looked like all were walking alone. Normally when we walk, we do a lot of talking, laughing and walk leisurely as if we have the whole time in the world. It was completely the opposite there. No wonder, Singaporeans have the fastest walking speed according to a study by the British Council (source:Google). On an average, they can walk about 6 km in an hour! Now I realized why we were having a tough time keeping pace with Rima :). One more thing, even on the escalator, people who wanted to be on a standstill are supposed to stand on the left side. While people who wanted to be on the go,should walk on the right side (basically for them, time is money, maybe diamond better). All in all, everything was systematic and it looked so good. There was no room for error. People understood and respected each other without having a word of conversation. One more interesting thing, a number of MRT stations particularly the  interchange stations, are connected to shopping malls.

Let us move to a delicious topic now. Still in the Orchard road, we went to Takashimaya. Takashimaya Co., Ltd is a Japanese company that operates a department store chain carrying a wide array of products, ranging from wedding dresses and other apparel to electronics and flatware (source:Google). Food court is located in the basement where I had the best-est toast ever 'Ya Kun Kaya Toast'. The kaya toast tasted splendid. It was very crispy and the ice cold butter sandwiched between the toast, just melted in the mouth. What to say about the soft boiled egg and coffee, the combination was just WOW! Kaya toast is usually taken as a breakfast in Singapore. We also could not get our hands off Taiyaki- a Japanese fish shaped cake. Fillings may be custard, chocolate, cheese or sweet potato and we had the one with cheese and chocolate. The best part is that they make these things right before our eyes. So you can enjoy with the eyes as well as with the mouth.

Enjoying the delicious Yakun Kaya toast and Taiyaki.

After treating ourselves, we were again on the go admiring the shopping malls and the unique and awesome structure of the buildings on our way. Next, the place that we saw, just took my breath away. It is the Library@Orchard. With excellent interiors, huge collection of books, stylishly designed book racks, this place was heaven for book lovers. The library was super classy and there were many beautiful places for people to sit down and relax with books. They also had mounted computers where one can get information, like the availability of the required books without having to ask someone. I wish every country had a library like this.

At the Library@Orchard

Really cool place to be alone.

At the Library@Orchard

To enjoy any place fully, the best solution was to walk so that you get the most of it. And while doing so, you need to eat and drink quite often. So went to Komala's restaurant in Little India were they served really good Indian dishes. This was the best place to eat vegetarian food. It was so good to have this kind of food (masala dosa, biriyani, bhatura with their respective curries) after a long time. Memories flashed backed when I used to have these kinds of food often during my college days. What got my attention was the bhatura, it was all puffed-up like a balloon. I mean, I have seen small puri (crispy fried golden flatbread) puffed-up, but that one was something we don't get to see everyday!

With the biggest bhatura.
Last place for the day-Mustafa Centre. This center is the biggest shopping center in Little India and you can find everything that you can think of, (one stop shop) from local to international brands. The place itself was huge and crowded with people. I was having that happy feeling on seeing things ( especially the groceries) which were really familiar (since in Bhutan,most of the things are imported from India). I couldn't stop laying my hand on those stuffs which ultimately led to a huge shopping bags on our way back home. So, this is it, my second day in Singapore. :)

Mustafa Centre as you can see :)
That's my happy face on finding 'the' thing.


  1. Hahahahaha... I hope you could catch a breath while walking with me :P Sorry, I didn't realize. For me, it's only the normal speed la! Lol!!! ^_^

  2. Haha..only the first day was little tough. Rest of the days, we were all in :)


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