Second Day

Here comes the second day. Since we had a very fruitful yet tiring, day one (though our will power was still on the go), we decided to start our day slowly. So, the three of us moved out of the house after mid-day towards the Orchard road following the same trail to the Royal Thai Embassy. You all might be wondering, "Why they are going to the Thai Embassy again and again?" Well, here is the answer. In order to enter back to Thailand, I needed a visa (the existing one was due to expire) so, that's what we were doing, making one. Had applied yesterday and today was the collection time. This was the main part of the trip and having done everything successfully, we were more than happy to unlock more beautiful places.

Back towards the MRT station. Now that my mind was completely free, I saw things that I had missed the day before. People there walk very fast, I mean they don't even talk to anyone. It looked like all were walking alone. Normally when we walk, we do a lo…

My trip to Singapore

Singapore is also known as the "Lion City" and is  one of only three surviving city-states in the world as they don’t have a capital. Who would have thought that one day I will get to visit Singapore? Well, not even me! It was like a dream that I would possibly not dream of. 
Landing at the Changi Airport was not less than a fantasy having come from the DMK (Don Mueang) airport of Thailand. Everything here was systematic and too good to be true-the place, the lighting, the ambiance, so cool and calm. Even the floor was carpeted beautifully. Since 1987, Singapore’s Changi Airport has consistently won the award for “Best Airport in Asia” from The Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards 2014 consecutively for 28 years (source: Google). Not only in Asia, it has also been voted the "World's Best Airport" by the air travelers at the 2017 World Airport Awards for fifth year in a row (source:Google).

Lost by the glitter and glimmer of this beautiful place, we finally spot …

The Start

New year, new dreams, new interest and new beginning. So this is where I start. As i enter into the new year, I decide and move a step closer to express and share my feelings on this platform. Wish everyone a very happy new year 2018.