Through my Eyes

As I sit on this icy cold metal chair, cold penetrating through my lower body and my spines, I see a variety of things. The chair that I am sitting on is a long one and of grey color. A red trash bin with a greed lid and a little lighter shades of green plastic exploding to its brim just a few steps away from me. A giant pillar stands in the middle of the room separating the two rows of the metal chair facing each other. The wall in front has a clock on it striking exactly 9:15 am . To my extreme right, there are two small counters with its opening just enough to see the face of the people in the other side. A passage in front leading to mysterious place. To my left is the stairway connecting the lower level with the level on which I am, an elevator which I suppose is hardly used and another stairs leading to the floors above. The floor is a giant slab of red with few stripes of grey in it. Above I see a perforated ceiling with many fluorocent bulbs all brightly lit except one. This is the atmosphere around me, perfectly calm and empty.

Wait a second.. this is where the reality strikes. Omg! This place is flooded with people. How can such a small place be so crowded? There are people everywhere. Old people, as old as they could barely walk and young people who are yet to walk. A girl in her mid teens with a floral blouse and pink flared pants and her arm slung around her mother’s neck for support as her leg is all bandaged. A blue dressed boy giving directions to an old lady who is wearing a bright colored Kira with it’s patterns quite distinct. A man with a black shades on his head and his arms holding back, wandering from one point to the other. A monk with his maroon robe leaning on the giant pillar anxiously looking for someone. People buzzing from the stairs up and down. Two  girls looking at a paper and giggling at each other after coming out of a room. An old man with a collar shirt as big as it could engulf him, walking slowly with the help of his cane stick. A lady with a big red bloated coat holding her mother with one hand and with another, her daughter. 

The people sitting on the metal chairs are of a variety too. 70 percent of them with the latest smart phone and the other 30 percent fidgeting with whatever things they own. Some staring at the passerby from head to toe. Some talking with their companions in the loudest voice ever. Others looking so meek to even raise up their eyes to see the person sitting right next to them. A small boy aged 3 or 4 nagging his mom and trying to pull her from the seat. A grandfather smartly dressed in his traditional attire trying to pick up a conversation with his immediate seat partner . An elderly looking lady with her shades tugged on her shirt and a peach pearl  earring looking all chic with a tinge of smile on her face.

As I sit observing the people, the person next to me keeps on changing. Some sitting for few minutes while some just getting the thought of sitting until immediately being called. A dull green uniformed boy just has the time to reply hastily upon being stopped by a man. Time and again, people with white coat make presence among us who look all geared up for the day. A lady in golden tego and a marthra kira busy with her tab sitting on the staircase as none of the chairs are empty. Two ladies hurriedly following a man in his 50s dressed in sethra gho with a phone on his left ear, who seemed to know a lot about the place. A kid jumping happily with her dad’s hand in hers without any knowledge of what’s happening around.  If everyone’s life was like this little girls, then this place would have been a completely different one.

And this is where I stop observing the people as it my turn to visit the doctor’s chamber...


  1. Oh! you took hell lot of time to reach to Doctor's chamber.. by the way you have described almost everything around you, I felt I was with you throughout.

  2. You are really a great observer and know how to visualise the reality into words. Your memory must be really good!!! Very detail observation la. Keep writing dear!!! :)

    1. Haha thank you. Actually I was writing already as I chatted with you and completed in the hospital itself 😂😃

  3. You at your best 'observation' and you have perfectly described. Love it dear ��


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